Over the years, we've done various different things to help raise money for our projects including cake sales, sponsored walks, cycle rides and more!

To find out more about fundraising for our specific projects, head over to the projects page. (Nepal ProjectSoup From Heaven)

From 2009-2017 we enjoyed supporting Gaston Farm at ‘Open Lambing’, which helped us raise considerable sums for our charity projects and local charities. We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity that we had to partner with Gaston farm but since 2018 we have been looking into new ways to fundraise!

The money raised has made and incredible impact around the world from providing water in remote villages in Nepal to supporting local charities such as the Snowdrop Trust. Here's small snippet of what some of the money went towards in recent years:

-Restoring a meeting place in Mongolia

-Providing food and living expenses for a team of 20 people + families in Burundi for 2 months. We were able to send this money out to Burundi at a time when they were desperately in need; some of these people were genuinely starving and with no other income possible, this donation literally kept them alive!

- Running water in remote mountain villages in Nepal

-Earthquake relief after the April 2015 earthquake that devastated many areas in Nepal

- Ray of Sunshine House (a children's home) (Soup From Heaven)

-Soup kitchen in South Africa (Soup From Heaven)

- Our Annual 'Holiday Club' in the Marquee on Yapton Village Green that runs during the first week of the school Holidays for primary-school Children. Throughout the week, there are also other events for all ages of the community from a Senior Citizens's cream to football tournaments and Parent and Toddler Teddy Bear's picnic! 

We're always looking for ways to raise funds for our projects, so watch this space for new opportunities...

Take a look at some pictures: 



The meeting Place built in Mongolia (below)

IMG 3332

The Soup Kitchen (below)