Hanneke Van Driel spent 12 years in Mongolia. It is therefore no surprise that the connection is ongoing! Hanneke has now been living in the UK for 3 years and the project in Henti is being led by local people. We have recently had an update and thank you from Caecilie Reuss who is a missionary and representative of HELP International in Nepal.  She wrote the following: 

'On behalf of HELP International, Mongolia we want to thank you very, very much for the big support we received from you! We appreciate this a lot!

The money was and is mainly being used for our work in the Henti province.

On our compounds in Henti we have a living community and run our different ministries from there. Especially after the long and cold winters always repairs and renovation has to be done to keep the place nice.
The community is the heart of the ministry. It has the goal to train people in discipleship and provide a healthy environment to help people with different kind of difficulties, mainly alcohol addiction. At the moment there are several families (including staff), single women; and men, who want to get free from their alcohol addiction living on our compounds.

Our projects include:

Children and youth work: We meet regularly with children and youth, hand out food for those in need, teach music, do sports and games and discipleship training. We also take the young people on outreaches to meet and help other young people.

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Alcohol rehab: We have weekly meetings with people (mainly men) who want to get free from their alcohol addition, and some come to live with us in our community for a few months and start a new life.

Prison work: We go on outreaches into the local prison and others around the country. Soon we are again invited into a High-Security-Prison where we want to help with sponsoring tools for doing carpentry.

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Mercy Ministries: We visit those in need, especially the old and/or sick who are bedridden and help with what is needed. During the cold winters we hand out fuel (coal and wood).'

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In 2017, through the money raised at Gaston Farm Open Lambing, we were able to help support the building and renovations of a new meeting place in Henti! (See the pictures below)


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