Yapton Free Church has been running the Nepal Project for over 16 years and has raised more than £250,000 for an orphanage, 16 schools and other projects

Yapton Free Church began its charity work in Nepal in 2000, when Pastor Terry* first visited Yapton. He shared his heart for the homeless children in his city. In 2003 we made our first trip to Nepal and discovered that Terry and his wife and their two daughters had taken 13 children into their home. At the time they didn’t have any financial support. We began a child sponsorship program and helped Pastor Terry and his wife  purchase a house, which eventually became home to 35 children. The children have now all grown up and left the home.

Since 2000 we have also supported over 15 schools: building classrooms, providing school uniforms, teaching materials, computers, generators and financially supporting teachers. You can read more about our schools work on our Schools page.

Yapton Free church works with the local church to equip, train and empower Nepalese Christians to fulfil the great commission, believing that we can see a nation change. You can read more about our work with local churches on our Churches page.

Another of our focuses has been 'Earthquake Relief'. After the earthquake in 2015, Nepal suffered great amounts of damage. We have been able to help make an impact,  short term by providing food straight after the disaster and long-term by helping to rebuild houses and provide a 24 hr drinking water supply to those in a very remote area of Nepal that was devastated by the earthquake. 





Pile of sacks of food and Tara

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(Kathmandu, Nepal)

*Names have been changed to protect those involved in our projects. Nepal is currenlty 32nd on Open Doors Persecution watch list. For more information please see:







Yapton Free church works with the local church to equip, train and empower Nepalese Christians to fulfil the great commission, believing that we can see a nation change. Over the last 20 years the number of Christians and Churches in Nepal has multiplied. 4.3 % of Nepal is now Christian compared to 0.5 % 40 years ago. In a population of 30 million at equals 1.3 million.

In 2015 we began to run conferences for pastors, leaders and the wider Church Nepal. At one of these conferences we received a prophetic word that 50% of the Nepal would be saved. We train leaders the FIRE values, the importance of the Word and Spirit and unity in the body of Christ.Our conferences last for 3 days, and we provide transport, food and accommodation for many of the delegates (they often sleep on the church floor). 

Each the year we spend £8,000 - £9,000 on these conferences. Five or six buses are hired to bring in the delegates. Up to 500 delegates are fed during the conference and if needed we provide specific equipment for the venues.  Each team member fund their own trip.

Children in School IMG 5288

Supporting School Children

Supporting schools has been a big aspect of the Nepal Project since the early days. We have now supported 16 schools. It is so encouraging to see how the work is growing and indiviual children's lives are being changed every day. Access to education gives these children choices and hope for their future which they may otherwise not have had.

Here are just some of the ways in which the Nepal Project has supported schools:

  • bought computers 
  • bought whiteboards 
  • bought uniforms for the children
  • re-painted the outside of schools
  • land for a playground/outside space
  • built 3 new classrooms on a remote school in the mountains




















 Children from the Mountain School


There are many different people who are involved in regularly supporting the Nepal Project, including:

  • The sponsors who support  on a monthly basis 
  • Local UK schools who raise money to support Nepalese schools 
  • People in the community who support us through fundraising events 
  • From 2009 - 2017 we enjoyed supporting the cafe and lambing at Gaston farm which raised thousands of pounds for Nepal and other charities. 

Over the years we have held many fundraisers from sponsored walks, to bike rides and a Kyatholon that consisted of Kayaking, bike riding and walking. We have been very grateful to Gaston Farm who over a period of 10 years have helped us raise thousands of pounds for Nepal and other charities. Since 2018 we have no longer received support from Gaston Farm but instead have been finding new ways of fundraising. 

We are always looking for more sponsors and gratefully receive any donation towards schools and other projects that we support in Nepal. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you wish to give or get involved with the Nepal Project.  

Staying In Touch as a Supporter

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(pictures below of some of our volunteers at Gaston Farm)

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